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Peace Marvin Bizzell

Work Value

If someone doesn’t see your value, it doesn’t mean that you are not worth it, it just means you are in the wrong place.

You can be dedicated, loyal and as dependable as anyone but if your environment is wrong, none of these things matter.

One company’s average employee is another company’s manager/leader.

If you are displaying initiative, leadership and productivity in your work performance, all you have to do is use what you are doing at that company, as your story to tell once you arrive at your place of value.

Your work ethic will never go unseen if you inner-stand how to use that work ethic in the right place.

Sometimes we must go to a different habitation in order to get different results to flourish.

When people don't recognize your worth, they actually do recognize it but usually feel intimidated by who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Hard work never goes unrewarded, you just have to position yourself in the right place and the tree will grow.


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