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Why Argue?

Inspired by: Jah Oliver

Let today be a day of forgiveness.

Let's always remember how much the "Most High" forgives us when we fall short of his glory. Time and time again, when we ask for forgiveness and mean it, he forgives us.

Let's have that same mentality with the people in our lives. In an argument, it really doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, the only thing that matters is getting past your dispute with a willingness to act out of love and to respect one another.

People say things they do not mean in arguments and whenever emotions are involved, people will always say hurtful things to the other person that they actually have love for.


Bottom line is, everyone has things in their personal lives they are dealing with and sometimes they try to suppress those things from others by always being that strong person.

How they deal with their issues eventually comes out in other conversations amongst other people indirectly. We must be mindful of the fact that everyone is going through something and no one is perfect.

When loved ones pass away in our family and we don’t have the best relationships with our family (especially parents) we tend to be in an isolated state of desolation.

In our minds, staying to ourselves and focusing on self is our only way to cope with the unfairness of tragedy.

We assume things that are told to us from a one-sided conversation without hearing both sides of a story. This leaves out important details that does not give us the full truth in a scenario.

When people tell stories, they will tell it in a way that makes them either look good or look like the victim but in reality, that is not always the case.

One thing I have learned about life and people is this:

Everyone wants to be the victim knowing good and well people have been in their corner since day one.

Everyone has flaws and everyone has goals. In a nutshell, let's not forget all the things people have done for us when we needed them. We can remember the bad, but we need to focus on the good in people.

When we bring up old things about how people use to be, you are actually telling that person you don't accept them changing and doing better for themselves.


Never let money be the reason you are arguing. Money comes and goes but people always will remain. When your money is gone, you can always make more.

When that person is gone, there is no more arguing. You will never see or speak too that person again.

Do not ever stop communicating with the people you love because communication is the key to fixing problems.

Cherish your relationships with people because one day they will be gone forever.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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With all the craziness happing in our society, always remember to stay safe, eat healthy and stay away from toxic people.

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