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What is my Purpose?

Finding one's purpose will be a challenge most people have to face while exploring life's unfortunate situations. Success means several things to a lot of people, but true success has only one meaning. There is one thing all people search for whether they realize it or not.

Happiness What situations in life will make you happy? Do not be afraid to outgrow your environment. Life is all about change and sometimes in order to get to a better place, we must go to a different place. Stay away from toxic people If a person is not encouraging and motivating you to reach your goals, then remove those people from your environment. ​Evaluate your actions If the things you do are not productive or helping you to become a better person, eliminate those bad habits. Be a person of principle Align yourself with successful people and have morals about yourself so that you will be separate from regular people. Taking these steps will help you find out what your real purpose is in life. Goals and ambitions are different from purpose. You are much greater than any man or woman can ever inner-stand. Potential sits inside of our stomach, and we have to give birth to our potential. Once we give birth to our potential, it leads to our purpose, our purpose leads to our destiny, our destiny leads to our legacy. (Myles, Munroe) Purpose is all about influence and knowing why we are created. When we die, we are supposed to die empty on the inside, meaning we have maximized our potential and have done everything in life that we sought after. The Glory is inside of us, but we must get it out of our mind, body and soul, in order for it to make its impact on the world. Who are you? Ask yourself that question and see what you say! Where are you from? What can you do? Where are you going and why are you here? (Myles, Munroe) How do you influence and inspire others to be better and learn? When we help others to identify their purpose in life, it all starts with self-identity first. You have to know who you are as a person. Not your goals, profession or your job title, but you. Who are you? Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Everyone was born with purpose. Everyone is supposed to be the next big thing of something, and everyone is great beyond the measure of who other people say you are. Remember, a purpose driven life and all future opportunities live and exist within us. Our positive mind is the voice of the Most High, our heart produces our emotions, and our soul is where our purpose sits, waiting for us to give birth to it. The body is just a shell needing instructions.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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With all the craziness happing in our society, always remember to stay safe, eat healthy and stay away from toxic people.

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