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Marvin Bizzell Blog

Welcome to my blog.

I'm Marvin Bizzell, father of three and a University of Phoenix graduate.

After college, I began writing about the things that are important to people.

Since I do not work in the journalism field, I decided to create my own personal blog and give out helpful information to all those that are seeking a better life.

Marvin Bizzell Blog

Marketing, Public Relations, Advertisement and Journalism

Originally, I just wanted to work on computers and build websites for businesses, but my path of professional networking and opportunities led me on a different path.

Marketing & Advertisement

Back in college, I volunteered for a local 501C3 clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Working as a volunteer in my undergraduate studies, I was able to meet a guy that became my mentor.

He has one of the oldest African American Public Relations firms in Tulsa. I then began learning about journalism, marketing, public relations and advertisement.

Goodwin and Grant Public Relations firm

I built a website for his public relations firm, and it can be viewed on this link:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Once I became independent as an entrepreneur, I met Gloria Nyan. Mrs. Nyan's daughter - Candice Nyan lost her battle to breast cancer at a very young age.

Candice Nyan lost her fight to Breast Cancer at the age of 32

Because of my networking and web development abilities, Mrs. Nyan, hired me to help keep her daughters legacy alive by spreading awareness for breast cancer.

Her daughter, Candice Nyan started a non-profit organization called "The Young Black Survivors" Inc.

It just so happened that me and Candice Nyan was networking with some of the same people in Tulsa and I used the same people platform to continue spreading awareness for the disease.

I had to research her life, research the disease and learn about Breast Cancer.

Did you know the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?

I am now an advocate for breast cancer awareness and have learned so much about the disease. Quick fact: Men can get breast cancer as well. If you notice any lumps in your body, please visit a doctor and get it checked immediately.

It is important as a breast cancer patient for the patient to research the chemotherapy drugs that are administered to them.

Some drugs save lives, and some drugs take life. Most women that have lumps in their breasts are so afraid to go to the doctor because they have a fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The longer a person waits, the worst it gets. Early detection can save a life.

Keep up with Marvin Bizzell as he explores life and ventures off into new horizons. Connect

Peace Marvin Bizzell

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

With all the craziness happing in our society, always remember to stay safe, eat healthy and stay away from toxic people.

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