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Starting a new Revolution in Web Design

The Web development process can be intimidating and expensive. Most people have a fear of the development process because of their lack of knowledge in how it all works.

It is important to know some things necessary for a designer to have before he/she begins to work on a project. I have made notations of the things needed for a designer below:

Professional Pictures

All marketing photos need to be professional or good quality pictures to put on the website. (Taken with a professional camera)

It is not a good idea to use photos taken with your phone to put on your website.

Create Relevant Content

Do you have your own content? Business literature is needed for your website.

  • About Us- (Your Company)

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Services Offered etc.

A designer would love for a client to have all their content prepared because the cost of the website becomes pricy if the developer has to create your content.

Domain Name

What do you want your website URL address to be called? WWW.????.COM

Typically, domain names are less than $10.

.com - A Company

.org - A Organization

.net - A Network

.biz - A Business

.edu - Educational Website


Building a website is similar to buying a house. You get what you pay for basically. There are different platforms that can be used that give a different front end look on your site. Some platforms are more sophisticated than others.

A responsive website is very interactive, and it complements the smart phone look and experience.

Basic websites usually have four main pages, home, about us, services offered and contact us.

The more dynamic and interactive your website is, the more pricey it becomes. Marvin Bizzell builds websites under Market Pros Enterprise and Mr. Bizzell makes web development affordable for your budget.

If you need a website for your business but need to find a developer that can make it affordable, call Marvin Bizzell at 405-300-2167.

Please like our facebook business page and engage with us on social media.

Mr. Bizzell can also customize a logo for your brand.



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