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The Great Adventures of Failure

Life is an adventure. Our process of learning starts when we are able to navigate through the findings of this great adventure with ways of bypassing or avoiding those things that cause us to stumble.

We remember our mistakes of the past so that we can create better opportunity for ourselves by not doing the same things that held us in reserve from accomplishing. If we have learned our lesson, our greatest teacher of all is our bad choices.

Failure is not negative if our mindset understands why we fail. We fail only to see our weaknesses of what needs improvement. Trial and error help us to correct those errors and try again.

Life would be too easy without a second, third, fourth or fifth attempt. This is how we get the knowledge and the instructions of how to complete a task properly.

Your unfortunate situation is designed to mold you into a person of poise and give you self-assurance of yourself when that decision comes back around.

By all means, just do. Once we get the results of doing, good or bad, we can see what needs to be done next. Yes, we must plan properly but we also must learn properly.

A person must have a drive of wanting to improve self by working on those weak areas in our life. We become stronger by focusing on our weaknesses and learning to resist the temptations of doing the things that caused us to make a mistake. Your strength lies within your self-improvement.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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