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With cancer being so difficult to beat, the earlier ahead we notice it in our bodies, the better our chances of survival. Diagnostic tools are used to determine if breast cancer is present. Once being diagnosed, a treatment plan usually occurs for the patient to prepare for recovery. What is a Biopsy? A Biopsy is “An examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease”. Or in other words, tissues are taken out of the body for testing once areas of tissue show to be abnormal. “Metastatic cancer detection Interventional radiologists may use radiofrequency ablation for breast cancer patients with metastasis to the liver, endobronchial ultrasound system (EBUS) for metastasis to the lungs, or kyphoplasty for metastasis to the bone.” (Cancer Treatment Center) There are two different imaging procedures that take place once abnormalities in the tissue are found. These imaging screenings are called ultrasound and mammograms. The ultrasound detects any lumps in the breast and also the position of the tumor. The mammogram is transferred to a digital image for a clear view of the position of the tumor which also determines what stage the cancer is in. This is why early detection is critical. If the mammogram does not detect or show any scar tissue or abnormalities and the patient knows something wrong, a MRI will take place to view at a higher resolution. As a whole, make sure we are getting our ultrasounds and mammograms, regardless of if a tumor is present or not. Early detection saves lives.

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