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Stage 3 Breast Cancer

The treatment plan gets intense in stage 3. The tumor has grown and possibly spread to other areas of the body. In this stage, it is identified as “locally advanced breast cancer.”

In the locally advanced stage, it has rapidly spread to other areas of the lymph nodes and or arm pit.

There is a possibility cancer has infected tissues inside the breast, around the area of the actual tumor. Whichever breast has the tumor is usually were the cancer spreads. In stage 3, the tumor is much larger than 2cm.

The lymph nodes or auxiliary vessels have been invaded by other inflammations or tumors either under the neck or lumps under the arm pits which will create a need for local therapy and systematic therapy. The tumor does extend or protrude outwardly, above the skin because the tumor could be any size at this point.

Even though the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, it has not spread to the internal organs yet in this stage. Stage 3 breast cancer is all about how big the tumor has grown.

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