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Stage 2 Breast Cancer

When diagnosed with different stages of breast cancer, it is always a rule of thumb to get a second diagnoses from another doctor to ensure you are being diagnosed correctly. It is very possible to get a wrong diagnosis. Even though the Doctors are special cancer Doctor’s, they also make mistakes at times.

What are Invasive Procedures?

The medical term Invasive means “requiring the entry of a needle, catheter, or other instrument into a part of the body, especially in a diagnostic procedure, as a biopsy.” (

Invasive procedures are added to a treatment plan once stage 2 breast cancer is evident. In stage 2, the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes which is usually located under the arm pit and on the side of the breast that has the tumor.

What is a Lymph Node?

“Any of numerous bean-shaped masses of tissue, situated along the course of lymphatic vessels, that help to protect against infection by killing bacteria and neutralizing toxins and are the source of lymphocytes.“ (

Tumors being from 2cm to 5cm, or stage 2 breast cancer, sometimes may not be detected from ultrasounds or mammograms. Just because a tumor is not detected, does not mean it is not there. This is why second opinions is very important for a patient.

There is a process of treatment called local therapy and systematic therapy

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy takes place to cure a patient from stage 2 breast cancer, if the surgery goes well.

Local therapy deals with the actual lump or tumor that has been found in the breast. In local therapy, the peanut size tumor is attempted to be destroyed through surgery and or radiation treatment.

Systematic therapy is a process were chemotherapy or targeted therapy is administered throughout the body to check or kill any other cancer cells that may have spread in different areas of the body.

Get educated on breast cancer stages and always get checked regularly.

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