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Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Studies show most women hear so many negative things about breast cancer, they become afraid to get checked. If there are any lumps in your breast or on your body, it is vital to get checked. The longer you wait, the worst it gets.

Breast cancer has stages. Stage 0 is super early detection. In stage 0, the patient can be treated immediately, beating the odds of going into stage 1. If stage 1 is the diagnosis, it has not spread to the lymph nodes but a small tumor is present.

Sometimes, because of the tumor being so small in stage 1, it is possible that it will not be detected at first. This is why regular checkups are so important. Regular screenings allow the doctor to begin treatment to prevent the tumor from spreading.

In stage 1, the tumor is about the size of a kernel of corn, peanut or pea.

Stage IA (Stage1A):

The tumor measures 2 cm or smaller about the size of a pea or shelled peanut and has not spread outside the breast.

(Cancer Treatment Center of America)

Morton Comprehensive Health services offers a Mammogram program here in North Tulsa.

Let's not mess around with our health. Even if there are no lumps, please get checked regularly.

Schedule your screening today. Fear is not what we must adhere too. The best way to beat any cancer is through early detection.

Below is a photo of Candice Nyan, she wanted the world to see her truth. Candice was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32 years old. She regretted waiting to go to the doctor early. Once she finally went to the doctor, she was in stage 4.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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