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Let the Past be the Past

Inspired by: Angelia Mitchell Brown

Most people think their past experiences and situations does not determine their future. The old saying of “Let the past be the past” has a different meaning than most people think. Our past experiences are what shape us into the people we are today. The choices we make today is pre-determined by what we learned from yesterday. If we drive through a bad neighborhood, and make it out of that neighborhood, the next time we are headed that direction, we will change course. What does that mean? It means we learned from our past and it helped us to recognize once we were in that situation again to do something different. Our past memory of the bad neighborhood made us realize we should take a different course in our present situation. The greatest people of all time will tell you that Failure actually means Success. If you fail good at something, learn from it, you will succeed greatly at that very thing. We always remember what happened in our past situations so that we can do better in our present - once the same scenario comes back around. The holy bible is our guide to life. We stand firm on its principles because it is the voice of the Most High that has inspired Man to write it. The bible is full of past stories and past experiences of people that have fallen short of God’s glory and risen to a covenant bond with the Most High. It is these past stories that we study, remember and learn from that help us to be righteous and motivate us to preach. We talk about other people's past experiences (the bible) - So…. why not let your past experiences be what determines your future as well? It is our past mistakes that has taught us how to be smarter, make better decisions and also how to prevent and resolve conflict. As a whole, do not harp on the things of the past. Do not make the same mistakes of the past, do not claim that you are what you have overcome - but by all means, remember the Lesson in it all, to help you become a better person in your present mindset. Always consider God's servant Job, God wanted us to learn from Job's past experiences.

Realistically speaking, it is impossible to let the past be the past, especially if we learned from it.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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