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Greatness can be defined in our ability to set goals for ourselves with a notion or an attitude to never give up. Our minds are like a battlefield preparing for war. Once we take the blueprint of conquering out of our minds and document it on paper, it serves as a map to review.

We then can begin to see a process or a prerequisite of the steps necessary to take for us to embrace and achieve those goals.

The brain constantly juggles ideas in our thoughts that can lead us to victory if we can adapt the concept of consistency in our everyday actions.

One of the most powerful tools of winning is common sense. The way energy is received, positive or negative, can and will create opportunity or defeat for our future.

A visual aid of our aspirations is our reminder to hold ourselves accountable to do the things for that which we seek after.

They say reading is essential. Well so is writing. If you think about it, everything that matters in life is written down on something. It is therapeutic for our mind to write down some of our thoughts, so we won't stress over the things we think about.

It also gives us a visual of what our future looks like if we take action.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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