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Candice Nyan, A Celebration of Life

She was the youngest of four children. Candice married Amadou M. Konte on October 31, 2017.

She is survived by her mother, Gloria Nyan, her husband, Amadou Konte, her brothers, NeKeno Hayes, Donald Hayes, Markerco Hayes, and her baby, Charlie Nyan Konte.

Candice is preceded in death by her father, Ebrima Nyan and her sister, GG Awa Nyan. Candice graduated with a master's in business administration and marketing from the University of Texas. During this time Candice was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. After her diagnoses her life forever changed. Candice's world may have been shaken, but she flourished by living every day to its fullest.

During her battle with breast cancer, Candice opened her first business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Pink Rose Boutique. That was where she shared her love for fashion with her community.

Soon after Candice founded a non-profit organization, Young Black Survivors Incorporated, it was her mission to save lives by providing breast cancer awareness, education, and support in her community. Candice accomplished so much while battling breast cancer.

Candice will forever be remembered as a strong loving angel to her family. Candice fought so hard to live. Her battle is now over, and she is no longer in pain. She is now resting peacefully in her father's arms.

Candice will always stay through her family and all those she influenced. Her spirit is alive within all of us. Rest well Candice Nyan, in love.

Candice always said, " Strength is deciding to live when death is starring you in the face."! Always remember too "Just Live!

Please watch this video and listen to Candice last message she sent to the world.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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