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A New Me

Remember the story about the crawdads or crabs sitting at the bottom of the bucket and there is always one that is trying to climb out?

He is at the very top and before he can get out, a crawdad from the bottom will jump up and pull him back down with the rest of them.

When you find yourself in a different position in life, continue to embrace your new surroundings and the change that has become evident in your environment because you are about to convert to who you have always been destined to be.

The people in your past relationships will try to pull you back into your old lifestyle.

Be aware of those people and places because remember, you have graduated from that experience. Make sure you don’t go back to the things that you have left behind.

If everyone knows you are living a changed and better life but they do not want to acknowledge that, they are trying to pull you back down.

They may not even realize it but they are. Continue to pursue new connections with new people and new opportunities.

Your destiny depends on it.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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With all the craziness happing in our society, always remember to stay safe, eat healthy and stay away from toxic people.

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