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A New Mindset

Life always will throw unexpected things at us that will put our mindset into a depressed mode.

We must be prepared for the unexpected. The unknown will always reveal itself to us.

We must have a inner-standing of how to approach bottlenecks and be ready to resolve bottlenecks or (something that stops our productive flow) once they show up - because they will always show up.

One of the greatest tools of success is resolving conflict. We must know how to fix what is broken, repair what doesn't work and start again what stops.

As we set fourth our journey in life, the path that takes us to that journey will be rocky.

A person that master's the mystery of what if - can conquer and overcome anything because they are prepared for the unseen.

In every mission we seek after, there will always be things happening that can prevent us from completing the mission if we do not figure out how to surpass what slows us down.

The goal is to keep moving. Sometimes we may move a little slower than other times, but progress is a process, and the ultimate focus is to keep moving forward, regardless of what gets in our way.

If we never give up, it is impossible to fail.

Peace Marvin Bizzell

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