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Marvin Bizzell is a web designer and online blogger that takes pride in building websites and writing about other people's success.  He specializes in networking, web development, graphic design, photography and marketing. 


Mr. Bizzell has a bachelor's degree in "Information Technology Systems" and he is currently pursuing a career as a Theatre Production Manager.  Marvin is also an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Mr. Bizzell is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and he believes that every human being has a purpose in life. 

Marvin takes pride in communication, public relations and bringing people together to support one vision.

My life has been built around my children

Mr. Bizzell utilizes other peoples talent and skillset to bring a broader client base to business. He believes that visionaries, entrepreneurs & trend setters are what fuel our opportunities as people.  

Mr. Bizzell is currently residing in Oklahoma City and he is building a new network of independent business professionals.


The name of Marvin's professional network is Market Pro's Enterprise.                                 Please join the MPE network so we can



build, expand, grow & share ideas with one another for our own personal development.  Each one teach one.

Market Pros Enterprise
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